Local Artists

We are happy to feature the work of some local artists in the market. Each of these artists have some of their work on display and for sale in the market. When you come in, be sure to look around the whole store to see their beautiful pieces.

Erin Fox

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Erin is a full time mom. She loves to create so that her two talented girls can do their thing and to help support her family. Erin hand-makes these wooden plaques hoping to make you laugh or cry, hoping that you find something that you can’t live without. She is a new resident in Howey-in-the-Hills as she recently moved from Las Vegas, NV.

Growing up in Maryland in a home nearly as old as the radio, it and her parents helped to pave the way for her to discover her passion. Her parents renovated the house and barn to include a workshop with any tool you can imagine and even added a basement to turn into a ceramics studio. Those experiences, that love and passion for creating something beautiful from something forgotten or tossed aside helped form her into who she is today and what she creates.

Erin has been working with wood, metal, machinery, fabrics, paints and who knows what else for the majority of her life. More often than not, her fingers are wood-stained, she has sawdust on her clothes, and maybe even some paint in her hair.

Nicki Forde

Drawing on my Heart

Nicki has been drawing since before she can remember, and that love for creating led her to study commercial art at International Fine Arts College in Miami. After a 25 year career in graphic design, Nicki followed her heart and began painting again. And she is not looking back!

When she’s not creating art for private commissions, her focus is making captivating equine art to bring awareness and create positive change in the management of our wild horses on public lands. Paintings are created using photographs taken by Nicki of wild horses on location.

"I use acrylics on canvas in washes of paint, starting with the lightest colors. Each wash builds on the next, creating depth and areas on the canvas that glow where the washes are light." It’s her dream to be a part of a positive movement of humane treatment of America’s mustangs.

Working from her home studio in historic downtown Leesburg, Florida, Nicki describes herself as “an artist, illustrator, crazy cat lady and crusader of kindness.” When not painting (or often while painting) Nicki is a foster mom to any number of kittens and does what she can to spay and neuter feral cats in her area. In her spare time, she also attempts to tend her cottage-style garden that looks amazing in her mind. She does have a fantastic imagination. Her mission as an artist is to create a positive impact by making art that uplifts, her mission as a human is to live with joy and compassion.

Sandi & Tim McCormack

Crazy Jugs Pottery

We are Sandi and Tim McCormack and we are the potters behind Crazy Jugs.

For 20+ years, we have crafted pottery for friends, family, and small businesses throughout Central Florida. We enjoy spending time in our Florida home in the basement creating potter and memories together. We specialize in utilitarian pottery, pet canisters, trophies, personalized mugs, custom made dinner sets, and so much more.

Tim turns the clay on the wheel and mixes his own glaze, and Sandi sculpts and hand paints the pieces. Sandi recently made the decision to pursue her pottery business full time and to support Tim as an outreach pastor for their church.

Together we make Crazy Jugs!

All Crazy Jugs Pottery is:
microwave, oven, dishwasher, and food safe!

John Patrick

Photos by John Patrick

John Patrick was born in New York City. As a child, John Patrick immersed himself in the natural world. During his teenage years, John Patrick became interested in nature and wildlife. In the early 1980's, he participated in an internship program at the New York Zoological Society's Bronx campus.

Following his internship, John Patrick discovered fishing and the maritime world. In 2001, he obtained a 100-ton Master Captains License.

Currently, John Patrick is an Airboat Eco-tour Guide with both Wicked Airboats and Boggy Creek Airboat Adventures. Touring the central Florida Everglades continues to fuel his passion for both wildlife and photography.

Through his wildlife photography, John Patrick can capture the beauty that nature has to offer and he's able to share it with everyone.

Margaret Keltz

Rustic Diamonds

Margaret started Rustic Diamonds a custom crafting company about two years ago. She is based out of Groveland and loves the small town life. Margaret has felt at home at the Howey Market and enjoys getting to know the residents during the monthly shows. Margaret has always enjoyed all types of art and craft projects throughout her life. After making custom crafts for her friends she decided to turned into a small business. Margaret's favorite part about being a small business owner is getting to know her customers and taking their idea and making it a reality.

Rustic Diamonds is a handmade crafting company. Creating personalized stainless-steel tumblers, resin/etched glassware, fabric products, and wooden signs.

Yvonne Feavearyear

Art by Yvonne Feavearyear

Mostly a self-taught artist, Yvonne's art career has included working as a commercial artist; creating, designing and producing customized support materials and literature for the corporate convention market's special events. She has participated in the Florida art show circuit for many years in addition to having had a small art gallery in Dixon (Taos), New Mexico. She also participated for many years in the resident artists' program at Café TuTu Tango in Orlando, Fla. Presently her work is exhibited at Main Street Antiques in downtown Leesburg and Painting Outside the Lines, Mount Dora, Florida.

I believe my art chronicles my life's experiences; a perception of people, places, situations and events that influence me. My intent is to capture emotion, sensations; the ambience of the subject rather than re- creating the visual perspective. I like to work in "series" because it allows me to reflect, study and portray the same or similar subjects in varying degrees. Whether I work on canvas, paper or fabric, bold, vibrant colors and patterns are paramount to my style.

Patricia Sheridan

Gregarious Design

Patricia Sheridan is an artist & designer from Winter Park, Florida. Her creative journey started at six years old when her foster parents gifted her a paint set. From there, she was painting galore. When she was adopted, her foster parents encouraged her mom to keep her creating, and she did just that. Growing up, Patricia had access to any medium and was confident she wanted to turn her creative journey into a career one day.

Her positive & optimistic outlook comes in handy when creating content for a local university's Pinterest page and working in digital communications. Her designs are bright, energetic, full of life, and all-around joyful! She is known for her nature-inspired hint of retro pop art and grounded creations. She loves using fluid curves and creating something that says classicist with a twist when she gets a chance.

When she is not at the market, she can be found with a paintbrush in hand, diving into a new project, and immersing herself in all things design.