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Farmish Products

Stephani Sock & Bruce Fatz

We employ 10,000+ of the very best employees to help bring you raw, unprocessed, unfiltered local honey and honeycomb. We are excited to partner with Howey Market and look forward to supplying your honey.

Bruce and Stephani bought 2.5 acres of dilapidated, overgrown property in 2016 to fulfill Stephani's dream of having a farm and to give room for Bruce to garden. They had no farm animals, so everyone called it the "Farm-ish". The name stuck and now years later they have a full farm of over 50 chickens, 7 ducks, 3 naughty goats, and a mini pig farm. They bought the Honey Wagon to help support Stephani's animal habit and named it after the farm. They sell not only honey and honey products, but baby chicks and pet mini pig babies, and of course, lots of chicken and duck eggs. They are still working on the overgrown, always needing repairs, farm and love to bring their animals to market for people to enjoy. You can find them selling at the Clermont Farmers Market, Cagan Crossings, Haines City, Winter Haven, Lakeland, and Polk City.

Raccoon Valley Soap Co.

Chris Dickman

For her 50th birthday, Chris and her husband went on a trip to the Caribbean where she was introduced to the idea of handcrafted soaps. A soap named “monkey farts” caught her eye and she was quickly interested in how it differed from anything she had seen before. While the funny name definitely made it stand out, the soap itself was something to admire. She was intrigued at how this soap was extremely fragrant while still offering a nice lather and hydrating sensation and thus her interest in making her own handcrafted soap began.

Though Chris was eager to devote time to this newfound hobby, she was still committed to working her full-time job. That was, however, until the pandemic hit and she was furloughed. Most every industry was negatively impacted by the pandemic with many people being forced out of their positions and though it may not have aligned with her plans, this freedom presented Chris with an opportunity to really dive into her craft and take it all the way from a hobby to her own business.

Before long, Raccoon Valley Soap Co. was officially up and running! She started out small by creating soaps as gifts and quickly mastered the process and honed in on six signature scents:

Bamboo Coconut | Caribbean Teakwood | Egyptian Amber | High Tide | Lavender | Not Your Dad’s Smelly Soap

Captain Crazy's Nuts and Fine Snacks

Captain Chris and Christy Johnson

Our Story
We are Captain Chris and Christy Johnson. We owned and operated a successful multi-vessel fishing charter company in the Florida Keys for 17 years. In 2021, we decided it was time for a change of scenery and a new creative challenge, so we sold our charter business and our Keys home, moved to Lake County FL and shifted our energy and focus to Captain Crazy's Nuts and Fine Snacks.

Growing up on the Jersey Shore where we enjoyed boardwalk foods of all variety, we had a desire to create snacks that not only have a superior taste but are on the healthy side. Our artisan nuts and snacks are made by hand in small batches for big flavor. All natural ingredients and our original flavor infusion technique combine for guilt-free snacks with a deep, satisfying taste.

Our Nuts and Fine Snacks
-Our nuts are sourced from the finest growers in the country, and we always choose the largest size available.
-The seasonings that comprise our original blends come from specialty providers in small batches to assure ultimate freshness.
-Our unique infusion technique means the flavor is absorbed into the nut, creating a deep, satisfying taste. Our nuts are not candy-coated or dusted with artificial flavorings.
-Our nuts are roasted by hand in small batches. We use no oil and there's no frying.
-Our smoked nuts are done in an electric smoker. There's no fake liquid smoke used.
-Our snack mixes combine our nuts with other flavorful ingredients and seasoning blends and then they're roasted to complete the process.

Meem's Fudge Shoppe

Brenda LaBattaglia

My name is Brenda and I am the founder and owner of Meem’s Fudge Shoppe. I’ve lived in the Central Florida area nearly all my life, having moved here from New England with my family in the early 70’s! My world includes my guy, 2 daughters, 2 sons-in-law, 5 grandkids + 2 bonus grandkids, a few grand pups, a couple grand cats, brothers, nieces, nephews and soon, a grandniece! If it weren’t for my family’s encouragement, Meem’s Fudge Shoppe would not have been born!

Meem’s Fudge Shoppe has been 50+ years in the making! We are locally owned and operated and each batch of fudge is lovingly hand-made starting with my grandmother’s recipe! I started making fudge with my grandmother when I was a much younger girl! And when she passed, the holiday gathering fudge bringing fell to me! Oh boy did I have some well-loved shoes to fill!

You may recognize the classic flavors like chocolate, peanut butter, chocolate-peanut butter, and Penuche (butterscotch) but, we’ve stepped things up a bit! We’ve taken my grandmother’s recipe and added many gourmet flavors – we’re up to over 30 #fudgingamazing flavors and we’ll keep adding so long as our customers ask for their favorite flavors - that’s how it all starts – just ask us for your favorite flavor and we’ll see if we can bring it to life!